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Crimper for small connectors XH2.54, Dupont and similar.

Leila Forouhar’s Store on May, 27, 2022

In this review, I will tell you about the crimper for https://jiji.ng/ikorodu-garage/houses-apartments-for-sale such connectors. It is possible to crimp with an improvised tool, but this is an extremely dreary task due to their smallness. I once did a review of the XH2.54 connectors:
Let’s take a closer look at the components of the device. Compatible with: Dupont, https://tonaton.ug/s_301-grinding-machines PH2.0, KF2510, AMG28-20, Servo, XH2.54 / 3.96, PX, KK254, JST , Molex, D-SUB. Its thickness is 4 mm, respectively, for contacts, the length of the crimped petals should be around this size. Therefore, for such connectors, even https://tonaton.com/s_42-room-and-parlour with small crimp volumes, a crimper would be very useful. I’ll show you how to crimp and how he crimps. Overview of the XH connector set Each half of the matrix is ​​fastened with a screw and two pins.

Crimper for small connectors XH2.54, Dupont and similar.

First, tool specification: Crimping range: 0.08-0.5mm² AWG28-20 but I didn’t have a crimper for them. And here is the tool itself: If you knock out the pins and unscrew the screws, the matrix can be replaced. Next comes this interesting regulator: The crimper has a ratchet mechanism that allows you to pre-clamp the contact so that it does not fall out, and then calmly insert the wire into it.


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