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Genuine Yoshikawa Soft Plastic Baits Fishing Lures and Hooks Kit

Leila Forouhar’s Store on Jul, 05, 2022

Moreover, it seemed that all this stuff was in a box, which is always a useful thing in the fishing industry. On the store page it is impossible to estimate neither the size of the twisters nor the weight of the jig heads. No fluff, no feathers. Traditional ruble picture: I haven’t tested it in the “battle” yet, so when writing this review, losses and trophies have not yet been recorded, but everything is ahead. There are five pieces in the "each pair" set. The hooks are quite sharp and strong, they do not bend (not "copper" or "aluminum" like), but they do not break (ie, not fragile). But I figured that rubber bands are never superfluous, hook-heads will also come in handy someday, the price is low. I will continue the fishing theme a little (I actually thought that there would be more like-minded people here). In appearance and sensations, small (gray) – 3 grams, red with eyes – 5. No tail, no On the splash screen and in this photo from the store page, the color looks more real: In reality, there was no box – this is a minus. In fact, the colors are bright, with sparkles interspersed (with a claim to 3D).

Genuine Yoshikawa Soft Plastic Baits Fishing Lures and Hooks Kit

I ordered for testing and such a set. But for temporary storage it will do, only from accidental disclosure you need to provide something, for example, I covered it with a simple rubber band for now. In fact, the set is packaged in a folding blister with compartments for each type of nozzle. I received it, considered everything, and now I decided to share some additional information that will help some to evaluate the real weight-dimensional indicators and consumer properties. I don’t have such scales as tbnk, I can’t weigh the heads. Elasticity and quality are no worse than those sold in our stores. Scanner "lies" a little in color. I hope the review will help with the choice. For comparison, I put an 8-gram weight "cheburashka" and a head-"boot" between them: Here is such a light kit (even rather ultra-light). A set of Jig nozzles for a fisherman. Elastic bands are practically almost odorless, https://jiji.com.et/257-human-hair/long the remnants will be washed off at the first cast.


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