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Honda Jade tips

Leila Forouhar’s Store on Sep, 28, 2022

Honda Jade tips

Review of HONDA JADE 2018 restyling, Hybrid RS Honda Sensing equipment, owned for 4 months, purchased with a mileage of 48 thousand km. The first Honda and the first hybrid I looked that there is no review for restyling, I will be the first. Not much different from dorestyle, there was a kind of facelift. The restyling has different front optics, cornering assistance is now also on the hybrid, paddle shifters for the hybrid, another standard casting, the second row of seats – a sofa on the RS and G configurations, another GU, different seat upholstery, new body colors, including combined WHAT YOU LIKE : Outwardly super, many and I am no exception, they choose in appearance, and even in color. Wheels on 18" regular casting, swift lines of the body, expressive arches, a special Japanese charm, attracts attention. there are no defiant elements, everything is pleasant and harmonious.Pleasant white backlighting of the buttons.One tidy is worth something, looking at it, as if seeing the light – the veil is gone from the eyes, informative, not overloaded, readable from any angle and light, still pleases.Comfortable handle manual transmission, illuminated visors, glove compartment quite roomy with gas lift and illumination (a trifle, but nice).
buildup. Minimal crosswind effect. It is a pleasure to steer on the highway, which is not unimportant merit of an independent rear suspension. There is help entering the turn on RS trim levels. Words cannot describe, like a station wagon, almost a minivan, but it drives with dignity, here, in order to understand, you need to ride a Hybrid installation. Series hybrid – allows you to drive when the hybrid installation fails, unlike a parallel hybrid. Fuel economy is 1.5-2 times compared to gasoline. Indestructible battery (judging by the statistics). In cold weather, it does not go into any protection, you can move at very low temperatures. I liked the quiet running on the electric motor through the yards. Electric traction uphill from a standstill, does not roll back System. Keyless entry (front handle sensor button, and a button on the rear door). Active cruise control allows you to rest your legs on long trips, the car itself monitors obstacles, picks up speed, slows down and steers. Recognition of road signs. Heated mirrors. Various security and assistance systems, active and alerting (depending on configuration). Lots of airbags including curtains. Parking when the ignition is turned off The engine is simple and reliable, there are no belts on the attachment, the timing chain. Doesn’t eat oil. The operation of the air conditioner is not felt (start / stop and traction does not disappear), the fairly torquey and economical Robot is easy to climb, 7 gears, has the advantages of a manual transmission, quickly sorts through gears. Simple in mechanics. The oil in it is not expensive and
a little more than a liter, plus brake fluid in the clutch reservoirs. You can calibrate yourself, there is nothing complicated (if you have a scanner, even with Aliexpress) FEATURES: The engine is not very quiet, there are no hydraulic lifters, and due to direct injection it chirps like a diesel at idle, plus a special engine operation mode – idle 1200 rpm the robot is noticeable, it is not an automatic machine, and even more so not a variator, it is essentially a mechanic. Dislikes intense heat, ragged driving mode and the same traffic jams The front interior seemed cramped from the side as soon as the door was opened, but it turned out that this high tunnel gives such an effect (which is not seen in the non-hybrid RS version), like a cockpit, but you sit down and you understand – it is convenient, there is no feeling of stiffness. Rear space is also enough, plenty of legroom. The rear backrests fold 60/40, with a trunk step of almost 10 cm Harsh suspension and low-profile tires contribute to the passage of bumps Electric motor, the moment is our everything. Real acceleration is not a fountain, 0-100 in 10.6-10.9 seconds, but the electric motor gives a pleasant feeling, a kind of "pickup" without the roar of the engine at speeds up to 100 (with a charged battery, of course), like a small impeller, no matter how like an electric motor 315 N / m In ECO mode, the motor runs a little louder, and the robot https://cars45et.ug/listing/toyota/starlet a little sharper, the dynamics decrease Knife, instead of a handbrake There are external noise-reducing elements, rear fenders made of fleecy material and noise reduction on alloy wheels OPERATION: Engine – Engine oil change, every 7000 km ( / -2000 in
depending on the conditions) and at least once a year, 3.3 liters (when changing along with the filter) HONDA Ultra Next/Green/Leo 0W-20 oil, or similar Robot – Fluid change in clutch actuators up to 30 thousand km (depends on moisture content in tanks), followed by calibration, DOT 4 or 5 brake fluid, about 100 ml / l at a time Robot – Oil change in the box itself, every 30-50 thousand km (ideally calibrated), Honda Ultra ATF DW-1 with a volume of 1.3 liters, or an equivalent Consumption – km / l (summer), city – if you drown, traffic jams and short trips up to 15 km / day, it turns out 13.5-11.5, in ECO and "sad turtle" mode up to 17. According to drowning on the highway, overtaking, climbing, speed above 120, about 16-18, if ECO with a cruise at 95 km / h, it goes up to 22 on the plain

01.10.2021 Review of HONDA JADE 2018 restyling, Hybrid RS Honda Sensing equipment, owned for 4 months, purchased with 48 thousand km mileage. The first Honda and the first Posmo hybrid.


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