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Review of the HTC One phone.

Leila Forouhar’s Store on Dec, 17, 2021

Review of the HTC One phone.

The body of the HTC One is a mixture of aluminum and plastic. The main part is metal, and only a thin edging is made of plastic in order to make the phone more comfortable to hold in hands. HTC One can be called one of the most beautiful looking phones. It is designed to be recognized at first sight. And this is a positive moment, because now it is difficult to find individuality among a huge mass of identical smartphones.

The phone is made with high quality. The seam between plastic and aluminum is negligible and the plastic does not bend in the hands. The thin aluminum body fits perfectly in the hand, but do not forget that aluminum is a very soft metal and it is better to handle the phone more carefully. However, it is worth noting that after three weeks of active use of the HTC One, no significant scratches have appeared on it.


The huge LCD screen occupies almost the entire front panel of the phone. Its dimensions are 4.7 inches (1080p). It uses a technology that the manufacturer calls SoLux. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to increase the image quality and generate ppi equal to 468.

Thanks to its smaller screen, the HTC One offers better picture quality than the 5-inch Droid DNA (440ppi) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (441ppi).

The screen has good viewing angles, vivid color and high detail.


The phone does not have a removable back cover and a slot for a memory card, so there are not so many connectors for connection on the body. Above is the headphone jack, and in the center of the bottom edge of the phone is a microUSB slot, which not only serves to charge and connect to a computer, but can also transfer audio and video to an HDMI-equipped TV. This is possible thanks to the MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) interface, which allows you to transfer video in high definition. I must say that the corresponding cable is not included in the kit.

Like the iPhone 4S or Nokia Lumia 720, the HTC One has https://cdn-131.anonfiles.com/TaRbRfqdv3/02a1dd9a-1639076840/HOUSE%20FOR%20RENT%20IN%20KIBAGABAGA-manual.pdf a microSIM slot, which can be accessed https://cdn-147.anonfiles.com/B623R8p6v1/c0bf0ad1-1639057950/Sandals-manual.pdf using a special tool provided by the manufacturer.

There are many more wireless connections. These are GPS, HSPA and Bluetooth. In addition, there is NFC and an infrared port integrated into the phone’s power button.

Operating system.

HTC One runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with the new HTC Sense 5 UI. This is the biggest interface update in recent memory. Sense has been completely redesigned.

He began to look more serious and more mature than the previous version. The main changes include the monochrome clock widget and BlinkFeed.


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