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Top 12 best LED bulbs for h4 cars.

Leila Forouhar’s Store on Dec, 17, 2021

Top 12 best LED bulbs for h4 cars.

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular every year. LED optics for a car is no exception. In our article we will tell you which lamps are better to choose for a car, as well https://cdn-131.anonfiles.com/raY5Kdpcv7/46a55845-1639040770/Gearbox-manual.pdf as present the top 10 best h4 LED models.

LED bulbs h4.

Conventional head lamps with h4 base combine low and high beams, working alternately. The low beam spiral is separated by a reflector that limits the light flux from entering the other part.

Drivers are not always satisfied with the light of car headlights, often the standard model is not enough in the dark. In this case, you can install ice lamps with lower power consumption and higher brightness.

The main thing


The distribution of the light beam depends on the location of the light source in the structure. With an incorrect distribution, which is found in low-quality cheap samples, the oncoming flow is blinded, which is unacceptable.

Consequently, one of the main design features of non-standard automotive LED lamps is the correct location of the light source, strictly https://cdn-147.anonfiles.com/T6zeG5p1vd/507e3202-1639040392/Photo%20Printers-manual.pdf at the same points as that of standard halogen lamps. Otherwise, the headlamp becomes unusable.

The light source in any LED lamp for a car is the LED itself.

LEDs differ in shape: there are square, rectangular and round samples, as well as in size.

Each LED has its own luminous flux, measured in luminous flux (lm). Several LEDs can be used to achieve the specified brightness parameters.

The size and power of the lamp depends on the shape, dimensions and number of LED elements.

For the operation of the LED, a special microcircuit is used, a driver that heats up during operation. To cool it, a cooling system is necessarily included in the design. She may be:


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