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Xpeng G9, China’s electric crossover, unveiled.

Leila Forouhar’s Store on Dec, 17, 2021

Xpeng https://cdn-148.anonfiles.com/3fkeHdp8v9/17f8cbc8-1639040469/Point%20Of%20Sale-manual.pdf G9, China’s electric crossover, unveiled.

The Chinese company Xpeng Motors is one of those young market players that are simultaneously trying to conquer the electric vehicle and aircraft segments, while developing autopilot systems in parallel.

In a year, the G9 crossover, originally created with an eye to international expansion, will join the three existing models of electric vehicles of this brand.

Nowadays, adapting an electric vehicle to sales outside of China is not limited to taking into account the peculiarities of the charging infrastructure. Crammed with sophisticated electronics, Chinese electric vehicles have a developed software interface with support for voice commands, Car Radio For Sale-Manual | PDF | Transmitter | Menu (Computing) and therefore preparation for entering foreign markets cannot be complete without adapting the interface to native speakers of other languages.

Image: XPeng Motors.

As noted in the concise press release, the Xpeng G9 crossover will initially take into account the needs of both Chinese and foreign customers. Not much is known about its technical characteristics, but the presence of the XPilot 4.0 system implies the use of NVIDIA Tegra processors of the Orin-X generation and a pair of lidars located in the front lighting units. The system has great potential for autonomy, including the ability to maneuver in urban environments without driver intervention. The onboard system will receive software updates “by air” within 30 minutes.

The on-board power supply system of this car is designed for 800 volts and the use of proprietary fast charging stations. In just five minutes, the range of the crossover can be replenished by 200 km. Xpeng will develop the charging network with 480 kW stations capable of withstanding amperage in excess of 670 A.


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